Fact Check 9: Women Livestock Keepers

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The significant role of women in rearing livestock is recognised, but how confident can we be in the global data supporting this theory?


Women Livestock Keepers Fact Sheet

Header photo: Mozambique. Stevie Mann (ILRI) (source)

Gender fact sheet working group

MacVicar, I. (Supporting Evidence Based Interventions) - lead author
Gebremikael, M. (Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems - University of Florida)
Olaniyan, O.
Aris, G. (Land O'Lakes/ Venture 37)
de Haan, N. (International Livestock Research Institute)
Baltenweck, I. (International Livestock Research Institute)
Galie, A. (International Livestock Research Institute)
Meadu, V. (Supporting Evidence Based Interventions)
Salmon, G. (Supporting Evidence Based Interventions)


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