Livestock Ontologies

This group brings together research organisations and individuals to answer the question “How do we present and discuss livestock data in a consistent manner?”.

The group is interested in the use of standard vocabularies or ontologies to help classify and organise livestock data to ensure it is findable and reusable. This is a collective effort aimed at identifying common goals and mapping out strategic joint activities. The group is open to anyone with an interest in exploring and building livestock vocabularies and ontologies.

Current aims:

  • Address the challenge of inconsistent terms
  • Make use of existing vocabularies and ontologies
  • Find ways to map and link ontologies, and highlight gaps
  • Connect and collaborate on common interests  

Learn more:

Ontologies session recorded in September 2022.


Working group contact: Louise Donnison (SEBI-Livestock)

Header photo: Cattle being watered at the Ghibe River in southwestern Ethiopia. Stevie Mann (ILRI). (source)

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